Lace in progress

Lace is a group of paintings derived from the structure and pattern of three samples of Chantilly Lace. The samples form part of a gift, given to me by a family member, the box of textile samples dates from a collection from 1922. I have been re-appraising the structure and history of lace over the last 15 years; this has been in order to inform an ongoing concern with floral imagery and decorative structure that is inherent in pattern and ornament.

For this new project I have used the lace samples to transform the minute detail of the lace structure into large architectural painting format. In this pictorial context the intimate encounter with the lace is made public and the inherent geometric and organic floral motifs are investigated. During the painting process the motifs are repeated in sequence or over laid on the surface. Here composition, rhythm, pattern and tone are explored. The paint mark employed varies from an expressive gestural stroke to a fine line application. The resulting painting surface evokes various aspects of the domestic realm in terms of our encounter with decorative ornament.